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The First Comprehensive Account of Every Cultural Artifact and Message Sent into Space

3 weeks ago

Humans aren’t the only things sent into space. Along with actual people society has sent many objects, messages and miscellaneous items from Earth into outer

The Blockchain Law Society to Begin in South Korea

4 months ago

On August 24th the Blockchain Law Society will begin in South Korea with a clear mandate to build a proper regulatory framework for the blockchain

Dozens of Men at a Prison in Washington State Help Reveal the Migration Patterns of West Coast Monarch butterflies

5 months ago

In what could be the most touching scientific study ever performed, dozens of men at a maximum-security prison in Washington state helped reveal the migration

A New Online Platform Could Help Gig Economy Workers Secure Benefits

5 months ago

The National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA), an organization aimed at supporting domestic workers, is using an online platform to help gig workers secure benefits, including

Four Million Year Old Skull Unlocks Some of the Mystery of Human Life

5 months ago

Scientists have been able to answer some long-standing questions by virtually reconstructing the brain case of a four-million-year-old human relative. The researchers found the fossilized

Banksy Most Likely Behind Seven New Murals in Paris

5 months ago

Paris is now home to seven, new provocative pieces of street art, in what experts believe is a spree by the mysterious British artist Banksy,

A Dutch Construction Company is 3D Printing the World’s First Homes

6 months ago

3D printing is becoming a staple in a wide number of different industry applications — from liquid metal fixtures for spacecraft to 3D printing living

National Doughnut Day: Why Do we Love Doughnuts so Much?

6 months ago

National Doughnut Day was held on June 1st in the United States and stores around the country handed out freebies to celebrate. But have you

Two States Move to Enact their Own Privacy Laws

7 months ago

Companies worldwide spent months getting ready for the recent enforcement of the European Union’s sweeping data privacy act, known as the General Data Protection Regulation.

The General Data Protection Regulation is Now in Effect: Here’s what that Means

7 months ago

A new law went into effect this past Friday, shaking up business in the European Union and, by extension, the United States. Both continents have

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