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Meet Sheku Kanneh-Mason The Royal Wedding’s Cellist

4 days ago

Sheku Kanneh-Mason was an important part of this past weekend’s royal wedding ceremony, serenading guests with a beautiful cello recital just after Prince Harry and

California Won’t Let “Smart Cities” Go Unchecked

2 weeks ago

The “smart cities” of the future are aimed at keeping people safe with crosswalks that shame you if you jaywalk and artificially intelligent CCTV systems

Discover EU Will Give Out Up To 30,000 Interrail Passes for 18-Year-Olds

3 weeks ago

As a way to get a new generation of Europeans eager to explore the countries around them, the EU will pay for tens of thousands

Meet 5 of This Year’s Inductees into the National Inventors Hall of Fame

3 weeks ago

Every year, the National Inventors Hall of Fame, found in North Canton, Ohio (with a museum in Alexandria, Virginia), honors 15 inventors. This years 46th

Finland Nixed Universal Basic Income Will Try Universal Credit Instead

3 weeks ago

Last year, in January, Finland began a first-of-its-kind basic income trial, the first by a European government. From 2017-2019 two thousand randomly chosen unemployed citizens

Iceland’s Lava Bread Tradition

4 weeks ago

Iceland is not only a stunning country to visit they are also famous for their incredible geology. The searing heat radiating through the country’s breathtaking

Fat Lama Looks to Take the Sharing Economy to a Whole New Level

4 weeks ago

A service named Fat Lama is looking to eliminate this last bastion of ownership. In 2016, Fat Lama was launched in the United Kingdom but

Study Proves Reddit Can Help Users with Depression

1 month ago

In an interesting turn of events Reddit can help people cope with mental disorders. If, somehow you don’t know what Reddit is, it’s a website

Uber’s New CEO Strives For True Equality in The Company’s New Policies

1 month ago

The now-infamous report on Uber’s beleaguered company’s culture was so bad that shortly after taking over as CEO of Uber, Dara Khosrowshahi told legendary journalist

Apple Submits Extensive Comments Against The EPA’s Proposal to Repeal the Clean Power Plan

1 month ago

In October, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced its proposal to repeal the Clean Power Plan, a policy drafted in the Obama-era to reduce the

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