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New Solar Panel Technology Harvests Light from the Sun and Also Converts it into Electricity

3 days ago

The world is caught in a vicious circle. As it grows hotter, people turn up their air conditioning but as they turn up the air

Parker Solar Probe Survives Close Encounter with the Sun

6 days ago

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe came within 15 million miles (24 million kilometres) of the sun on Monday (Nov. 5), which is much closer than any

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe Breaks Records

2 weeks ago

NASA’s ambitious mission to “touch the Sun” has now got closer to our star than any prior human-made object. The Parker Solar Probe exceeded the

NASA’s ICESat-2 Uses Laser Technology to Measure Changes on Earth’s Solar Ice Sheets

2 months ago

NASA’s Ice, Cloud and Land Elevation Satellite, it’s newest Earth-orbiting satellite known as ICESat-2 for short will employ laser technology to measure minute changes in

News From Our Sun

3 months ago

Yesterday, marked the official launch of the Parker Solar Probe, which will fly straight through the edges of the sun’s outer atmosphere known as the

NASA’s Solar Electric Propulsion Project

3 months ago

NASA’s missions are working toward extending a human presence across our solar system, from the Moon to Mars and beyond. However, another aspect of this

How Will the Parker Solar Probe Withstand the Heat?

3 months ago

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe has officially launched, and over the course of a seven-year mission, Parker will orbit the Sun 24 times, with its final

What is the Sun Made Of?

3 months ago

In today’s big news the Parker Solar Probe has officially launched to explore the sun in a never-before-done mission. But what is the sun made

NASA Officially Launches Parker Solar Probe

3 months ago

As NASA stated what better day to launch the Parker Solar Probe then Sunday? Yesterday, marked the official launch of the Parker Solar Probe, which

The Extremely Large Telescope Will Scope Out Extrasolar Planets and Other Galaxies

3 months ago

The world’s largest optical telescope is now aptly named The Extremely Large Telescope (ELT). It was initially called the European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT) but

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