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Researchers Have Created a “Light-Fingerprint” System to Classify Different Types of Worlds

14 hours ago

In the past ten years, astronomers have detected a large number of planets outside our solar system known as exoplanets. Now that there is such

Can Exoplanets Harbour Life?

14 hours ago

Did you know that by the first of this month experts confirmed 3,815 exoplanets? Although, there is an exponential increase in the number of exoplanets

KELT-9b is the Hottest Alien World Ever Found

14 hours ago

Astronomers have discovered iron and titanium in the atmosphere of an exoplanet for the first time ever. The exoplanet, known as KELT-9b, is the hottest

Exoplanets that Contain Water are More Common than Previously Thought

15 hours ago

35 percent of planets that lie outside our solar system, known as exoplanets, two to four times the size of Earth contain water. This statistic

A Software Defined Space-Based Services Platform

2 days ago

QubeStation is a software-defined space-based services platform, designed to serve the critical data requirements of an expanding analytics economy. Currently, space systems are developed as

ESA Launches Climate Change Initiative

5 days ago

One of the most critical challenges facing our society in the 21st century is climate change. Its importance has been touted in recent reports from

Climate Change Linked to Summer’s Soaring Temperatures

5 days ago

Have you felt the heat? This year’s heat wave has impacted many parts of the world from the Middle East to Europe to Canada and

Could Satellite Communication Systems (SATCOMs) be too Easy to Hack?

5 days ago

Satellite communication systems (SATCOMs) allow us to send and receive information from around the world; they are the power behind our internet, TVs, phones, radios,

NASA’s Glenn Research Center in Cleveland is Now Testing a New Integrated Audio System

5 days ago

While wearing space suits, it’s essential that astronauts remain in constant communication with the rest of the crew in space and Mission Control Center on

Deep Space Communication

6 days ago

Each NASA mission requires a communications system to receive commands and other information sent from Earth to the spacecraft and to send back scientific data

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