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New Study Explains Why Birds Don’t have Teeth

18 hours ago

Although we know birds don’t have teeth, experts are actually still unclear as to the reason why. But now, a new study puts forth an

Nanoparticles Made of Tea Leaves Destroyed 80 Percent of Cancer Cells in New Study

3 days ago

In a recent study, scientists from Wales and India used tea leaves to make nanoparticles which destroyed up to 80 percent of lung cancer cells.

Scientists May have Unlocked One Secret Behind the Behavior of Water

1 week ago

Although water is one of the most crucial elements for us humans, scientists still don’t understand why it expands as it cools, why hot water

New Research Shows Promise for Studying Jupiter’s Moon Europa in More Detail

1 week ago

For twenty years, Jupiter’s moon Europa has been seen as one of the most intriguing places in the solar system. Scientists believe its icy surface

Scientists Plug a Gap in the Crocodile Family Tree by Studying a 180-Million-Year-Old Fossil

1 week ago

Scientists have been able to plug a gap in the crocodile family tree by studying a 180-million-year-old fossil and realizing it’s actually a member of

New study Finds Age that Dogs are Most Attractive to Humans

1 week ago

In a fun study, scientists have found the point when puppies appear the cutest to us humans. Apart from the cuteness factor, these results could

Study Finds New Evidence About the Early Days of Our Solar System

2 weeks ago

Astronomers have long suspected that a vast cloud of small, icy bodies which rings the edge of our solar system let in a few infiltrators

Facebook Will Begin to Study How to Best Leverage Blockchain Technology

2 weeks ago

A small, new unit has been established inside Facebook, which is specifically tasked with  exploring blockchain, the distributed ledger technology that supports cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.

New Study Examines the Effects of Moon Dust

2 weeks ago

In the 1960s, when NASA was getting ready to land humans on the moon for the first time,the agency expected many challenges to arise. However, 

New Study Finds Crocodiles Respond to Music

2 weeks ago

Neurologists have interesting jobs that require them to perform various experiments to learn more about how our brains function. One such experiment involves playing Bach

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