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New Study Suggests Prolonged Living in Space Could have Lasting Effects on the Brain

2 months ago

A new study suggests that being in space for long periods of time not only causes muscle atrophy and reductions in bone density, but it

What is the Space Between the Stars Filled With?

4 months ago

There is so much distance between objects in space that it’s mostly emptiness, at least as far as we can tell, since experts can’t yet

Early Findings from NASA’s Twin Study Have Now Been Confirmed

5 months ago

NASA performed a study on twins where one twin was sent into space and the other remained down on Earth for one year. That study

James Webb Telescope to Study Jupiter’s Great Red Spot

5 months ago

NASA’s most ambitious and complex space observatory ever built, the James Webb Space Telescope will use its unparalleled infrared capabilities to examine Jupiter’s Great Red

New Study Finds Writing Personal Letters About One’s Body Can Boost Body Positivity

6 months ago

Researchers studying body positivity in women understood what could negatively affect a woman’s body image, but found that they were short on solutions for how

New Study on Bacteria and Infrared Light Could Change How we Hunt for Alien Life

6 months ago

A new way that bacteria can absorb infrared light and turn it into energy has been discovered and this has revolutionized scientific understanding of life

New Study Brings Scientists Closer to Understanding Why Drinking in Moderation Helps Protect the Heart

6 months ago

For many years scientists have known that drinking alcohol in moderation protects the heart, but now they are one step closer to understanding why. Researchers

Scientists Directly Observe Jet from a Tidal Disruption Event for the First Time

6 months ago

Two supernova-hunting teams were watching colliding galaxy pair Arp 299, thirteen years ago. One team was searching for radio waves, while the other was looking

New Study On Bacteria Known as Cyanobacteria Could Help Us Detect Life on Other Planets

6 months ago

A study conducted on a group of robust organisms that can survive extremely harsh conditions could one day help humans colonize Mars and offer clues

New Study Confirms Three Newly Formed Planets Circle Infant Star HD 163296

6 months ago

Astronomers examining the hoops and gaps within a young star’s swirling protoplanetary disk think that three baby planets could be responsible for these grooves. Outlined

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