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The International Space Station is Now Home to a Brand New life-Support System

1 month ago

The International Space Station is now home to a brand new life-support system. This system is capable of recycling breathable air, which promises to drastically

NASA Discovers a Thruster System Which Requires Absolutely No Propellant

2 months ago

In 2016, researchers at NASA’s Johnson Space Centre discovered a thruster system which requires absolutely no propellant but still generates thrust. The implications of this

Cellint Traffic solutions: Real-Time Traffic Monitoring and Congestion Detection

3 months ago

TrafficSense monitors population movements in all transportation modes and offers state of the art data and tools to best manage and optimize traffic and transportation

The Advanced Global Positioning System Satellite Faces More Delays

3 months ago

After plans for a new U.S. Space Force was announced, Vice President of the United-States of America, Mike Pence highlighted the Pentagon’s new generation of

Researchers Have Created a “Light-Fingerprint” System to Classify Different Types of Worlds

4 months ago

In the past ten years, astronomers have detected a large number of planets outside our solar system known as exoplanets. Now that there is such

JetSpecie’s ICO to Help Create a Space Launch System

4 months ago

JetSpecie’s aims to create a space launch system by conducting an initial coin offering (ICO) to raise the necessary funds. The first phase of the

The Extremely Large Telescope Will Scope Out Extrasolar Planets and Other Galaxies

4 months ago

The world’s largest optical telescope is now aptly named The Extremely Large Telescope (ELT). It was initially called the European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT) but

Here’s What we Know About SpaceX’s “Interplanetary Transport System”

4 months ago

SpaceX’s much anticipated “Interplanetary Transport System” has officially been launched with the release of a video published under an hour before CEO Elon Musk was

Three New Earth-Sized Planets Have Been Discovered Outside Our Solar System

6 months ago

Three new planets beyond our solar system that are approximately the same size as Earth have been discovered about 160 light-years away. However, despite similar

Scientists Believe Comet Dust Could Be Older than the Sun Itself

6 months ago

As comets pass close to the sun, they emit a residue of particles that make their way through the Earth’s atmosphere. Now scientists have reported

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