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Study Finds New Evidence About the Early Days of Our Solar System

2 weeks ago

Astronomers have long suspected that a vast cloud of small, icy bodies which rings the edge of our solar system let in a few infiltrators

MIT Develops New Autonomous Navigation System For Self-Driving Vehicles

2 weeks ago

Usually when we think of  “country living” we don’t think of high-tech transportation. However, thanks to a new autonomous navigation system developed by researchers at

Could Living with Pets in the Countryside Boost Your Immune System?

3 weeks ago

New research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences has found that people who grew up on a farm with pets may

NASA Successfully Tests Their Miniature Nuclear Reactor System

3 weeks ago

A miniature nuclear reactor could one day power long-term human settlements on the Moon, Mars and beyond and now NASA has successfully completed tests of

Blue Origin Completes Successful Test of their Reusable Launch System

3 weeks ago

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’s has a space company called Blue Origin, which has successfully finished their most recent test flight for their fully reusable launch

A New Scalable Off-Chain Payment System is Set to Launch by Liquidity.Network

1 month ago

A new scalable off-chain payment system is set to launch by Liquidity.Network. This would enable Ethereum users to make payments without expensive transaction fees. By

Audi’s Latest Models Are Equipped with a Traffic Light Information System Essential for Autonomous Vehicles

2 months ago

Some of Audi’s newest models are now outfitted with a Traffic Light Information system that displays how long it will take a red light to

Celsius Network Introduces a Peer-to-Peer financial lending system Using Blockchain Technology

2 months ago

Celsius Network has introduced a Peer-to-Peer financial lending system that uses blockchain technology to connect cryptocurrency holders to loans supported by their digital assets. Celsius’

Switzerland Intends to Integrate Unmanned Drones into their Air Traffic Management System

2 months ago

Switzerland plans to integrate unmanned drones into their air traffic management systems. The system will track drones and register operators as a way to make