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Razer Wants to Pay Gamers to Mine Crypto

2 days ago

Razer, the gaming equipment giant, based in San Francisco wants to pay gamers to mine crypto using their graphics cards. The new crypto rewards program

Here are 6 Ways Blockchain is Disrupting the Investment Industry

2 days ago

In today’s finance world cryptocurrency and its backbone, blockchain technology can no longer be ignored. At first, digital currencies were seen by institutional investors as

Robots to Carry Out Most Tasks Aboard New Russian Lunar Base

2 weeks ago

A Russian base is slated to be built on the surface of the Moon, and now robots will perform the bulk of the work. After

SpaceX to Launch 64 Satellites at Once to Build a Truly Global Internet of Things

3 weeks ago

For a long time, Elon Musk has promised a constellation of thousands of satellites, dubbed Starlink. Musk hopes these satellites will one day handle half

An Aeroplane that Contains No Moving Parts and Creates No Emissions has Been Successfully Constructed and Flown by Aeronautical Engineers

3 weeks ago

An aeroplane that contains no moving parts and creates no emissions has been successfully constructed and flown by aeronautical engineers. The new model is heavier

China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation is Promoting the Use of Lasers in Oil Exploitation and Space Exploration

4 weeks ago

China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, a company that specializes in laser technologies and weapons, is promoting the use of lasers in oil exploitation and

New Solar Panel Technology Harvests Light from the Sun and Also Converts it into Electricity

1 month ago

The world is caught in a vicious circle. As it grows hotter, people turn up their air conditioning but as they turn up the air

NASA is Testing an Experimental Aircraft that will Drastically Cut Flight Times in Half

1 month ago

NASA has started performing tests to determine how residents in Texas will react to noise from an experimental aircraft that will drastically cut flight times

New Methods and Technologies Could Eventually Allow for the Teleportation of Complex Quantum Systems

1 month ago

Future technologies, such as quantum computers and quantum encryption, will require the experimental mastery of complex quantum systems. Thus, scientists from the University of Vienna

New Research Using Topology Opens a Path to Build a New Type of Quantum Bit

1 month ago

For the first time, Australian scientists have demonstrated the protection of correlated states between paired photons—packets of light energy—using the interesting physical concept of topology.

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