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Scientists Contemplate Building a Spacecraft That Could Leave the Borders of our Solar System

12 hours ago

The only object created by humans to arguably cross the bounds of our solar system is Voyager 1. However, that spacecraft took three and a

Meet the self-teaching Robot DyRET

1 day ago

Although it doesn’t have a head, a robot from a University of Oslo research group is astonishingly life-like. Dubbed DyRET, this quadruped teaches itself how

Human Rights Organizations Pen the Toronto Declaration on Machine Learning

2 days ago

When it comes to developing artificial intelligence many experts want guidelines to protect people from discriminatory algorithms. Recently, a group of humans rights organizations including

Tech Highlights from the Fujitsu Forum

3 days ago

Here are a few highlights from the Fujitsu Forum held in Tokyo last week: AR Sports By using an augmented reality (AR) kit that includes

Fujitsu Unveils Technology to Help the Elderly

3 days ago

At the Fujitsu Forum in Tokyo, the Japanese tech giant demonstrated several products it believes will help sustain the elderly in the “Era of the

Tokyo Thinks Blockchain Technology Will Provide the Ultimate Tourism Experience

1 week ago

The 2020 Olympic Games will be held in Tokyo and two companies from the city feel that blockchain technology holds the key to the ultimate

Meet RoboPin, a Talking, Dancing Robot

1 week ago

RoboPin, a talking and dancing robot created by Japanese technology company Fujitsu, could one day greet you at the supermarket and provide advice on what

Researchers Use AI to Create the First Complete 3D Model of a Human Cell

1 week ago

Modern medicine has seen many great advances. We have scans, stains, and microscopes that allow us to see how the body is working. However, seeing

New “Vehicle-to-Everything Communication,” Could Help Cars Become More Environmentally Friendly

1 week ago

We know that driving cars is not great for the environment and we know that taking the bus would help cut down on carbon emissions,

Need Help Getting Your Shoes on and Off? Nike May have the Answer

1 week ago

A new pair of shoes is being invented by Nike, ones with tiny conveyor belts built into the sole. Although it seems like a miniature

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