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EnLight: A Platform for a More Intelligent World

1 day ago

enLight® delivers smarter assets, valuable data and less expensive costs. For more than two decades the enLight core team has worked for clients across various

Women in Blockchain

7 days ago

Blockchain has the power to build trust and help reduce inefficiencies when transacting a wide-range of assets. However, there have also been many cases of

Blockchain Technology can Help the Healthcare Industry Provide Better Value

7 days ago

One of the best ways, if not the best way, for the healthcare industry to establish value for all stakeholders involved is to ensure fast

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia will Issue the First Ever Global Bond Based on Blockchain Technology

7 days ago

The World Bank has mandated the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) to be the sole arranger of the first global bond to be created, allocated,

Space Racing: Different Countries in Space

1 week ago

Who are the leading nations in space exploration today? Russia, the United States and the European Space Agency, a consortium of 20 European countries, hold

Startup Friday

2 weeks ago

Startup companies can significantly impact economic growth. Often startups help create more jobs, and of course, more employment means a stronger economy. Not to mention

Timicoin/TimiHealth Reiterates Their Commitment to the Tokenization of Healthcare Data

2 weeks ago

In a recent announcement, Timicoin/TimiHealth reiterated their commitment to the tokenization of healthcare data via the issuance of their broad scope of trademarks in conjunction

Blockchain Technology Could Help Further Space Exploration

2 weeks ago

Did you know that big players are looking into blockchain technology to help further space exploration? From NASA to the European Space Agency (ESA) many

Australian Government Awards A$2.25 million to the Sustainable Sugar Blockchain Project

3 weeks ago

According to reports by Foodnavigator-Asia the Australian government has awarded A$2.25 million (USD 1.7 million) to the Sustainable Sugar Project. The Queensland Cane Growers Organization

DARPA Focuses on Third Wave of AI Technology

3 weeks ago

No credit if you don’t show your work doesn’t just apply to high school math students anymore. Now, researchers are holding the next wave of

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