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NASA’s Hubble Telescope is Back Online

3 weeks ago

A little over two weeks NASA’s famous Hubble Space Telescope was knocked offline due to a glitch. However, it seems as though Hubble has recovered

The Chandra X-ray Observatory is Almost Fixed

3 weeks ago

The Chandra X-ray Observatory has been observing the skies in high-energy light since 1999 However, on October 10th, an unruly orientation-maintaining gyroscope sent Chandra into

NASA’s Kepler Telescope May Have Sent its Last Data to Earth

4 weeks ago

NASA’s Kepler space telescope, responsible for revolutionizing the study of exoplanets, may have sent its last data back to Earth. Managers halted the craft’s latest

Hubble Telescope Observations on Hold After Gyroscope Failure

1 month ago

After a gyroscope failed on the Hubble telescope last Friday, all science observations have been put on hold. The Hubble Space Telescope is out of

A Look Back at NASA’s 60 Years

1 month ago

60 years ago, on October 1st, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration—famously called NASA—began their operations, welcoming a new era of space exploration for the

James Webb Telescope Faces Delays Due to Technical Issues

2 months ago

NASA has delayed the James Webb Telescope for another ten months. Webb, the successor to NASA’s iconic Hubble Space Telescope, has been moved from May

When it Comes to Mapping Stars Nothing Beats the Gaia Telescope

3 months ago

Gaia is a European Space Agency space telescope that maps the location of over 1 billion stars to the highest precision yet of any mission.

Hubble and the Others: How do we follow the Universe?

3 months ago

Both on the ground and in the sky telescopes help us better understand the universe and our place in it. The first telescope was thought

The MeerKAT Radio Telescope Will Help Solve Cosmic Mysteries

3 months ago

Experts are working on a scientific mega-project to help solve cosmic mysteries such as dark matter and identifying extraterrestrial life. That project has now gotten

Scientists Witness a Star in the Process of Devouring a Young Planet or Planets

4 months ago

In what could be a scientific first, scientists believe they have witnessed a star in the process of devouring a young planet or planets. Asgardia

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