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 An International Team of Scientists Will Be using eDNA to Sample the Waters of Loch Ness

2 days ago

For decades people have been fascinated with the idea of a large lake monster living in Scotland’s Loch Ness but no hard evidence has ever

Scientists May have Unlocked One Secret Behind the Behavior of Water

1 week ago

Although water is one of the most crucial elements for us humans, scientists still don’t understand why it expands as it cools, why hot water

 X-ray Laser heats Room-Temperature Water to 100,000 degrees Celsius in Less Than One Trillionth of a Second

1 week ago

An international group of researchers has used a powerful X-ray laser to heat room-temperature water to 100,000 degrees Celsius (180,032 Fahrenheit) in under one trillionth

Small Holes Found on the Moon Could Offer a Passageway to Water Ice

4 weeks ago

A recent discovery has found small holes in a large crater near the North Pole of the moon, which might offer sky-lit entrances to an

New Theory Could Explain Why Our World Is Covered in Water

4 weeks ago

It’s an obvious fact that the Earth is covered with water, but what is less obvious is where did that water come from? It’s actually

A Moss Found in Swedish Wetlands Could Decontaminate Water

1 month ago

When it comes to purifying water there are many options from chlorine pills, iodine and filters. But now scientists have identified a different way to

NASA Partners with Tupperware to Develop a New Approach to Watering Plants in Space

2 months ago

With NASA’s plans for future deep space  missions, the nutritional boost of fresh food and the psychological benefits of growing plants becomes evermore essential. Since

Scientists Create Liquid-Repellent Surface to Augment Water Harvest and Transport

2 months ago

Scientists at The University of Texas at Dallas learned how water is collected by living organisms, such as rice leaves and pitcher plants. Then they

New Smartphone Attachment Could Easily Measure Contamination Levels of Water

2 months ago

Imagine driving past a river or lake, the sun shimmering on the surface of the still, clear, water. It looks so refreshing, it almost makes

New Research Suggests Where the Water on Mars Could Have Gone

2 months ago

Although, scientists know that Mars used to be covered by vast oceans, based on the ghostly shorelines left behind by these oceans, they could never

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