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Helsinki University Offers World’s First Free Online Artificial Intelligence Course

18 hours ago

Seeing as artificial intelligence has a fairly significant role in almost everyone’s life these days, it’s only fair that everyone should also have the chance

Over 100,000 Gamers from Around the World Prove Einstein’s Theory of Local Realism Wrong

2 weeks ago

Over 100,000 gamers from around the world have taken part in a new study, which has contradicted Albert Einstein’s ideas for a mind-boggling phenomenon that

Construction on the World’s Largest Optical Reflecting Telescope is Underway

2 weeks ago

The world’s biggest optical reflecting telescope is currently being built by scientists in Chile, an instrument so powerful it will allow us to investigate ancient

Study Proves Plants Communicate with the World Around Them

3 weeks ago

Animals use a variety of strategies to survive out in the wild when competition gets a little too fierce. They can fight, sabotage, or even

New Theory Could Explain Why Our World Is Covered in Water

4 weeks ago

It’s an obvious fact that the Earth is covered with water, but what is less obvious is where did that water come from? It’s actually

DARKNESS is the Largest and Most Advanced Superconducting Camera in the World

1 month ago

When it comes to looking for planets, light can be the enemy and starlight often totally washes out the planets, rendering them effectively invisible. Thus,

Guinness World Records Crowns Oldest Living Man

1 month ago

Guinness World Records searched extensively and finally awarded the title of oldest living man to Masazo Nonaka from Japan, who is whopping 112 years and

A Nairobi Slum is now Testing New Technology to Help the World’s Unbanked

2 months ago

Kaka shop sits in the slums of West Nairobi, up a plasic-pockmarked street lined with ditches flowing with sewage. This shop sells everything from bread

How Voluntary Agreements are Changing the World for the Better

2 months ago

The United Nations has 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that are so broad and ambitious it seems almost preposterous. For instance, one of the goals

New AI Powered by Google Could Help Protect the World’s Forests

2 months ago

When it comes to the world’s forests we know there is a threat. In fact, we lose somewhere between 80,000 and 150,000 square kilometers, every

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