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It’s World Space Week!

2 months ago

Are you a big fan of outer space? Then you won’t want to miss World Space Week! Yesterday marked the first day of a weeklong

Artificial Intelligence Will Create More Jobs Than it Eliminates

2 months ago

In many Op-Ed articles and on LinkedIn Walls we often see the doom and gloom of artificial intelligence (AI) taking over our jobs. From phrases

World Economic Forum Touts the Power of Blockchain for Environmental Issues

3 months ago

According to new research from the World Economic Forum (WEF), there are more than 65 ways blockchain technology can be implemented to address some of

Exoplanets that Contain Water are More Common than Previously Thought

4 months ago

35 percent of planets that lie outside our solar system, known as exoplanets, two to four times the size of Earth contain water. This statistic

ESA Launches Climate Change Initiative

4 months ago

One of the most critical challenges facing our society in the 21st century is climate change. Its importance has been touted in recent reports from

Climate Change Linked to Summer’s Soaring Temperatures

4 months ago

Have you felt the heat? This year’s heat wave has impacted many parts of the world from the Middle East to Europe to Canada and

Less Pollutant Air Conditioners Could Help with Climate Change

4 months ago

With this summer’s heatwave people all over the world are turning up their air conditioning. In fact, The International Energy Agency predicts that the number

British Power Company, Ecotricity, is now Providing the World’s first Vegan Electricity

5 months ago

Ecotricity, a British power company is now providing what it has dubbed the world’s first vegan electricity, after warning that animal products can actually be

Hera Systems: A World of Information

5 months ago

Founded by Bobby Machinski, David D. Squires, and Satish Chetty on December 9, 2013, Hera Systems is “the single source of fresh, universally accessible, affordable, high-resolution information about

Scientists Find Ways to Restore Coral Reefs

5 months ago

Coral reefs have borne the brunt of human-made climate change as it causes rising sea temperatures. Scientists are desperately trying to save the world’s coral

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