Timicoin/TimiHealth Reiterates Their Commitment to the Tokenization of Healthcare Data

In a recent announcement, Timicoin/TimiHealth reiterated their commitment to the tokenization of healthcare data via the issuance of their broad scope of trademarks in conjunction with the launch of the first operational blockchain for healthcare data.

Timicoin/TimiHealth wants to unleash the power of healthcare data while simultaneously enabling each individual who has become a consumer of healthcare at some point in their lives. The company believes they can accomplish this through the utility function of their blockchain platform.

When the time comes to provide healthcare for Asgardians Asgardia’s Ministry of Health might consider the Timicoin/TimiHealth platform as a viable option.

Timicoin/TimiHealth wants your data to be at your fingertips while also working for you! Even when you don’t necessarily need your data their platform will make it so that your health data is still working for you, passively in the background, earning you an income that requires virtually no effort. Until now, a vision such as this one didn’t have the technical infrastructure to become a reality.

The Timicoin/TimiHealth blockchain infrastructure includes the Timicoin as the mechanism that stores value in exchange for digital assets like your personal healthcare data or your DNA data.  Therefore, the organization has invested in the intellectual property that will protect individuals as they upload their data to their decentralized platform including and leading with trademark branding as the “Tokenized Healthcare™” leader.

Will Lowe, the Managing Partner of TimiHealth, explained that the transformative tokenization of healthcare is a testament to how humanity now has the knowledge and power to build better, more secure ways of doing things. In the case of TimiHealth, they are genuinely utilizing blockchain technology to leverage the value of healthcare data and distribute it equitably.

TimiHealth is committed to offering the infrastructure that delivers a balanced healthcare ecosystem which gives rewards or payments to individuals for their data.  Both Tokenized Healthcare™and Tokenized DNA Data™ will be branded tools used in partnerships and collaborations with organizations both inside and outside of healthcare that wish to engage with the consumer in a transformative, new way where the individual’s contribution is part of the equation.  

All while the consumer is able to engage in this new era where each of us can monetize personal healthcare data through tokenization.

For instance, the company will be launching the TimiDNA Two Million Timicoin Giveaway, where the first 100,000 individuals who upload their DNA data to the TimiDNA platform will receive 20 Timicoins.

Those who already have DNA results through another source can access easy-to-use tools within TimiPatient to download and securely store those results. Once a person’s data is in the TimiPatient app, they will own it, control it, and have the ability to use it as an asset which can be monetized.

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