What is Asgardia?

Welcome to Asgardia, the first-ever space nation that is open to all!

With its name stemming from the Viking Age myths of Asgard, a world that existed in the sky, Asgardia aims to create a free, independent nation outside of planet Earth. Participation is open to anyone regardless of the country of origin, nationality, location, age, gender, sex, race, etc.

Asgardia’s Goals

Asgardia was created with three top goals in mind:

  • to ensure the peaceful use of space
  • to protect the Earth from space hazards
  • to create a demilitarized and free scientific base of knowledge in space
  • the long-term objective of setting up habitable platforms in space

Our first satellite, Asgardia-1, was successfully launched in 2017, and will be followed by an orbital satellite constellation launch in 2018-2019, then by other satellite constellations and Space Arks, and later by settlements on the Moon and possibly other celestial bodies.

We believe that the creation of a new legal platform for the exploration of near-Earth and deep space is crucial to keep pace with humanity’s rapid technological and scientific expansion off-planet. ‘Universal space law’ and ‘astro-politics’ have to replace the current outdated international space law and geopolitics.

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Some of our main tenets and areas of activity include:

1) Connect with Forward-Looking People

Our vibrant community is the perfect place to network and brainstorm with innovators, engineers, scientists, business people and investors. The ‘dream of space’ brings out the best in all of us, and Asgardia has brought together the people who can transform that dream into a practical reality.

2) Protect our Planet and Future Generations

Faced with numerous threats like sun storms and potentially dangerous asteroids, we need to prioritize our collective efforts to protect the Earth. By joining Asgardia, you are helping to accelerate this process, as we highlight solutions that could prevent future catastrophes.

3) Help shape the future of Space Law

Let your voice be heard! Join our discussion regarding the creation of a new legal platform for the exploration of space. Be part of a movement that will define the future of humanity’s expansion off-planet.

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Read more about Asgardia on the official government website at asgardia.space and in our downloadable Booklet.

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